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Sapphire freezing cooling treatment head

  • sapphire cooling treatment head
  • 12mmx12mm spot size
  • High intensity output, suitable for all skin types
  • Output frequency up to 10Hz
  • Laser energy can reach deep hair follicles and be effectively absorbed without damaging the epidermis

Germany diode laser module

  • Lifetime up to 10million shots (120J/cm2 per shot)
  • Uniformer laser beam
  • Higher efficiency

Online monitoring of DI water

  • Ensuring water quality
  • Prolonging laser lifetime

Repetition Rate: 1-10Hz

Movement therapy with high repetition rate, making less time consuming treatment possible

Three featured hair removal modes

  • Traditional Mode suits for areas with moderate hairs
  • Super Mode suits for fast treatment on large areas
  • Fine Mode suits for the upper lip, headline, or other small areas
Technical Data
Laser type Diode laser
Wavelength 810nm
Output Power 600S
Spot Size 12mm X 12mm
Energy Density 10-120J/cm2
Repetition Rate 1-10Hz
Cooling Method Contact cooling
Electrical AC200-250V/50-60Hz
Dimension(L X W X H) 470mm X 410mm X 1100mm
Weight 60kg
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