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Press Release

Source :lotuxs Date:2015-07-14

  Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Made easy

  At ICE Europe 2013 in Munich, Lotuxs showcases StarMAP. The new software makes design and optimization of micro-perforated packagings a breeze.

  Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) uses micro perforated packaging films for optimizing the gas composition within the packaging in order to increase shelf-life of fresh products. The dependencies between product respiration rate, package permeability, pack geometry, storage temperature and various additional factors are anything but easy. Therefore, most manufacturers rely on empirical values when designing new MAP packaging films. In the majority of cases, a systematic and verifiable procedure for calculating hole number and size is missing.

  Introducing a scientific approach for designing micro perforations

  Lotuxs teamed up with a renowned German research institute and developed a solution, which takes all relevant factors for Modified Atmosphere Packaging into account. With StarMAP, micro perforations are individually customized for the packed fruits or vegetables and the package geometry (tray, cup, pouch, stand-up pouch, flow wrap etc.). Package volume, packaging film type and storage temperature are considered as well.

  After looking up product respiration and package permeability rates in a USDA approved database the software calculates the optimum O2 / CO2 balance in the head space of the packaging. Growth-related factors can be included upon request. Depending on the packaging‘s volume and geometry, StarMAP determines the size and number of micro holes, which will provide the optimum gas composition. This prevents anaerobic conditions and minimizes product respiration in order to increase shelf-life.

  Optimum micro perforation for every product

  StarMAP brings numerous benefits to film and packaging suppliers and food processors:

  • Reliable calculation of micro-perforation data

  • Fast and flexible adaption to varying products and packagings

  • Less costly and time consuming trial & error

  • Reduced waste

  • Streamlined production

  • Easy and comfortable user interface

  • Optional device for measurement of respiration rates on site

  Furthermore, the new solution provides access to Modified Atmosphere Packaging for packaging suppliers, who so far avoided the necessary but costly and time consuming trials. StarMAP can be used with any Lotuxs web-direction laser perforating solutions like StarPack WD and StarPack AP.

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