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Foreign Trade Clerk

Position requirements

1. Honest, dedicated and willing to embark on export industries;

2. CET-6 or above with good expressive skills. Familiar with business letters and has a good command of listening, speaking, reading as well as writing skills;

3. Familiar with Microsoft office;

4. Familiar with the full set of international business process;

5. Good interpersonal skills and ability to communicate and coordinate with customers;

6. With one year's related working experience or above, outstanding person can relax standards.

Position responsibilities

1. Responsible for prospecting new clients and B2B updating of our company;

2. Take responsibility for contract execution of our regular customer independently (factory order, export documents logistics, insurance, delivery, notice, after sale, etc.);

3. Foreign clients maintenance (by telephone and E-mail);

4. Ability to follow up new customers to sign up a contract (Email, tracking, proofing, and signing);

5. Ability to arrange and translate related documents and to collect market information, timely feedback to supervisor.

Sales Manager

Position requirements

1. Junior college or above educational level with a major related to marketing or engineering;

2. At least 2 years of sales experience, applicants with an experience of selling industrial equipment and laser equipment will receive first consideration;

3. Familiar with the market and have corresponding product sales experience;

4. Possess good communication skills, team spirits and able to dealing with business matters.

Position responsibilities

1. Responsible for sales task within sales territory and achieve sales target;

2. Prospect new markets and clients and increase product sales range ;

3. Maintain and enhance the relationship with existing customer;

4. Complete part of the technical support work, technical communications with customers;

5. Provide customers with before- ,middle- and after -sale service, establish and maintain good relations of cooperation;

6. Responsible for collecting market and industry information.

Electronics Engineer

Position requirements

1. Bachelor's degree in Automation, electronics, Opto-Electronics, photoelectron, instrumentation, electronic information, with at least two year's related experience;

2. Proficient in analog circuit design master MCU and C programming language, familiar with IC;

3. Strong self- management and ability to refer to technical documents in English.

Position responsibilities

1. Responsible for electronic product design, including the single-chip microcomputer system design, hardware design principle diagram, PCB design, device selection and function realization;

2. Determine the feasibility, implementation of projects and project acceptance, according to project management methods, based on the electronic system demand and the customers' needs;

3. Responsible for product performance test and function analysis to determine whether meet the user requirements.

Mechanical Engineer

Position requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or higher with a major in machinery automation or motor;

2. Has Strong grasp of PROE, Soildwork and other drafting instruments, be able to make two-dimension engineering drawings with AutoCAD;

3. Has good command of product shape design, internal structural design and manufacturing process of sheet metal, plastic, aluminum products;

4. Has good teamwork skills, a strong sense of responsibility and at least two years of experience;

5. Applicants with experience in product shape design and internal structural design are preferred.

Position responsibilities

1. Responsible for laser product appearance and internal structure design;

2. Responsible for the product structure optimization and miniaturization;

3. Responsible for completing the appearance, material, color, technological design, surface treatment of industrial laser products;

4. Responsible for the product assembly and functional verification;

5. Responsible for product process optimization.

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